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Welcome to Astrum Electronics!

Astrum Electronics is a professional and highly skilled company with expertise in the electronic repair industry. We are well trusted, one-stop solution for electronics repair and service needs within Saskatoon; SK. Our concentration is upon building long-term, genuine relationships with our clients so that they always feel secure in trusting us in our consistency of meeting their repair needs.

Astrum Electronics are committed to provide solutions for all electronic needs. We have practical experience in industrial electronic board repairs, hard drives, mobile and cell phones, laptops, speakers and much more. We at Astrum Electronics, do quick and professional cell phone and mobile repairs. Our technicians are able to repair your cellular device in just a few hours, guaranteed. We are continually focused around on updating our training so that the knowledge of electronics repair is equivalent to the industry standards.

We furthermore do motherboard repairs, any electronic device including soldering or replacing components on electronic boards. We are offering all kinds of electronic repairs. We can fix USB ports, HDMI ports, and all charging ports from any device connectors. We have experience on audio systems, electronic equipments, computers, laptops, monitors, speakers, cell phones etc. we offer data recovery and virus removal services.

Additionally, we have a wide collection of new and refurbished mobiles to choose from.